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Veronica, Italian. Forever an Optimist.

I believe in many things, nothing is impossible, no? In love with Vampire Diaries and other shows. Cinema Junkie. Parawhore. Forwood Shipper. Wanna Talk to me? NO PROBLEM, just send me your post-owl and I'll send you the answer. Hope you'll enjoy my Little Lovely World.

Celebrities: Michael Trevino, Paul Wesley, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Emma Stone, Candice Accola, Taylor Lautner, Penn Badgley, Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson, Matthew Lewis, Jared Leto and many more I don't remember at the moment.

♥ the girl i share the brain with ♥ a true gleek, tvd fan ♥ my favourite victim


 drop(s) in the ocean


"I would get you tickets to fly down to Georgia where they film, and get you on set to meet all of them" - Anon about what he/she would get me for Christmas

The Wonder of It All is You.
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